WVS - A media player visualization plugin

WVS is a plugin and remote controller for media players which originated from the myLCD project.
Intended for Windows 2000 and XP but is also reported to function on Windows Vista.
WVS employs a page based user interface. Each page contains an individual applet which may then contain multiple screens.

As of v0.30.14, 6 pages are dedicated to the Media player:

Other pages include:

Supported media players include:

  • Winamp 5.3 or later
  • MediaMonkey 2.5 or 3
  • AIMP 2
  • XMPlay or later


WVS 0.30.14 installers
WVS 0.30.14 source

Install instructions

Exit media player before executing the installer.

  • Winamp

    Download wvs_03014-winamp-setup.exe then install to 'Winamp/Plugins' directory.
    In Winamp's Preferences -> Plug-ins; put a tick beside "Auto execute visualization plug-in on playback".
    Also in Preferences -> Plug-ins -> Visualisations; select "vis_wamp.dll".
    On restarting Winamp for the first time, WVS may throw a popup indicating that it can not find a .dll.
    This is normal and expected, if, and aslong as the above instructions have been followed the popup will not reappear.

  • AIMP2

    Download wvs_03014-aimp-setup.exe then install to 'Aimp2/Plugins' directory.
    In AIMP ensure vis_wvs.svp is activated by placing it in the right hand column of the Plugins configuration screen.
    Deselecting either vis_wvs.svp or gen_wamp.dll will crash AIMP and WVS, so don't do it!

  • MediaMonkey

    Download wvs_03014-mediamonkey-setup.exe then install to 'MediaMonkey/Plugins' directory.
    With MediaMonkey the visualization can be manually initiated by clicking the 'Vis' icon.

  • XMPlay

    Download wvs_03014-xmplay-setup.exe then install in to the XMPlay directory.

    For XMPlay, WVS must be manualy started via the DSP dialog.
    Enter XMPlay's Options screen.
    Click DSP
    click on the 'Plugins' drop down menu.
    Click 'WVS client. ...'
    Click Add. Do not click 'Remove' or bad things will happen.
    These steps must be performed each time XMPlay is loaded.
    Search the XMPlay forum for the latest beta version of xmplay.exe


WVS on the G15 keyboard

WVS on the G15 keyboard

WVS on the G15 keyboard

WVS on an S1D15G10 130x130 Nokia LCD


WVS on a Nokia 5210 LCD