LCDMisc. for the USBD480

LCD Miscellany is a tool allowing one to write scripts to display stuff on Logitech LCD displays.
It is based around a custom scripting engine that lets you move around displayed data and create your own individual pages.
The engine is pretty flexible. As an example; All included media player scripts were written completely with the scripting engine, without writing any special (non-scripted) functions to make it possible, though the WinAmp script does require you use a WinAmp plugin (included along with source).

LCDMisc for the USBD480 is a customization of the LCDMisc v4.4.3 scripts; adding an output plugin, touch panel control, full colour and resolution support for the USBD480, along with additional views and graphics.

LCD Misc. is written and copyrighted by Matt Menke.
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LCDMisc 4.5.0 for USBD480