libmylcd A frame and font rendering library designed to provide low level access to 2D hardware via a video framebuffer.
libusb13700 An API control library for the USB13700 S1D13700 based controller board.
libusbd480 An API control library for the USBD480 display controller.
WVS A standalone multifunctional applet for the G15 keyboard.
MinGW Minimalist GNU for Windows.
LCDMisc. LCD Miscellany for the USBD480.
VLC Various media player projects using VLC and libvlc.


11/10/2011: Ant+ Heart Rate Monitor

Uploaded a 32bit version of AntHRM. Download x32 AntHRM for the G19 here.
Also completed a 64Bit version of VLCStream, which can be found in the usual location here.

10/10/2011: Ant+ Heart Rate Monitor

Just completed a new application for both the USBD480 and G19.
- AntHRM: A heart rate readout with graph over the Antplus protocol
Having bought a Garmin 405CX watch a few months back, I couldn't resist the temptation to sniff out and reverse
engineer the communication protocol between the supplied USB dongle (via libusb0) and the Garmin HRM strap.
This applet, and an as yet unreleased library, libantplus, are the fruits of this works.

Currently available only for 64bit Windows. A 32bit version will be released as soon as I get around to it.

Download x64 AntHRM for the G19.

08/08/2011: libmylcd

libmylcd v0.80.0 released.
Version 0.80 sees the introduction of 32bit alpha surfaces, improved performance through MMX/MMX2 and SEE optimizations,
text render highlighting, ... and lots of other stuff.
Get the source here

01/08/2011: VLC - USBD480

Updated VLCStream for the USBD480 to 0.70.3 (010811).
Download here for the USBD480 release.

14/07/2011: VLC - G19

Updated VLCStream to 0.70.3 (140711).
Download here for the G19 release. USBD480 release to follow shortly.

12/11/2010: VLC

Updated VLCStream, the standalone media player using the libvlc 1.1.x API, to 073 (121110).
Amongst other things changes in this release include a new artwork based playlist screen and a new meta tag + artwork screen.
Download here for both the G19 and USBD480 release.

17/06/2010: VLC

Updated the VLC pluigins to support VLC 1.1.1.

16/06/2010: Misc.

Updated VLCStream to support VLC 1.1.1. This update adds among other things mouse support, various selectable skins and other stuff. There is also available a separate build for the G19 keyboard here.

27/04/2010: libusbd480

Updated libusbd480 to version 1.1

2/10/2009: libmylcd

Added project pages for LCDMisc. and VLC
Updated VLCStream. This fixes a touch input issue and includes a much improved UI.

23/07/2009: libmylcd

Uploaded bindings for PureBasic. This package contains binaries, headers and various example files. Fonts and map files are not included.
PureBasic header, examples and example conversions by Sylvio Schulze.

08/07/2009: libmylcd

Uploaded a libmylcd package for xblite, containing binaries, headers and various examples.

29/06/2009: Misc.

libmylcd 0.60.0 released. Grab it from Sourceforge.
All USBD480 and G19 programs have been relocated to the main Sourceforge downloads page.
Source for WVS 0.30.15 now available from the Sourceforge downloads page.

23/06/2009: libmylcd

Uploaded libmylcd v0.60.0 build 230609.

11/06/2009: USBD480

VLC output plugin updated to support VLC versions 0.9.x, 1.0.0 and 1.1.0
VLCStream updated to support VLC 1.x.0
Screencap updated.

15/05/2009: USBD480

Added Quake 1, 2 and 3 binaries providing each with the ability to render directly to the display.
Added an Armed Assault server browser and player scoreboard app, using the touch panel for control.
Updated MinGW/GCC to v4.3.3

10/05/2009: libusbd480

Added project libusbd480.

21/04/2009: USBD480

Added a ClocX plugin along with a few snapshot images.

14/02/2009: libmylcd

Uploaded libmylcd 0.50.3 140209.
This fixes a few compile issues from the previous build.

13/02/2009: MinGW

Uploaded MinGW GCC v4.3.2

08/02/2009: USBD480

Added a software section with 4 applications for the USBD480.
These include a media player and output plugin for VLC.

19/01/2009: libmylcd

Added three images of VLCStream on the USBD480.

15/01/2009: MinGW

Added a section for MinGW, the compiler used for the development of libmylcd.
In the download section a complete ready to run MinGW GCC v4.3.0 install is provided. It also contains everything necessary to compile libmylcd.

09/01/2009: libmylcd

Uploaded libmylcd 0.50.2 090109.

06/01/2009: libmylcd

Uploaded latest libmylcd, build 0.50.2 060109, to the download section.

04/11/2008: libmylcd

Uploaded latest libmylcd to the download section.

14/10/2008: libmylcd

Added images of the USBD480 controller board.

01/10/2008: libusb13700

Added project libusb13700.

27/09/2008: libmylcd

Made available latest libmylcd source in the download section.

25/09/2008: New website

New site uploaded with lots still to be done.